Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Story
I bought these sandals in 1998, at The Clog Factory, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington, and finally in 2004 the buckle strap broke. I love the red, the cut out hearts, the silver tacks and the wood. I've hiked up the Mexican pyramids in these shoes and it felt like I really was walking up into the clouds. The Swedish company that makes them discontinued the style and I haven't been able to find a shoe maker smart enough to fix them--it's only a busted strap!--so I keep them under my desk for inspiration and sometimes wear them when I'm studying for an added boost. I like The Wizard Oz as much as the next person, but I don't have a Dorothy fetish, maybe subconsciously as I do think red shoes are a good thing to have (I have four pairs). However, I wish I could find these sandals in purple.

The Upgrade
I agree with your shoe repairman that the technical hurdles of repairing a shoe strap are daunting, possibly insurmountable. Science can do wonders, not miracles. But it’s sad to hear that such an objet d’inspiré has been sentenced to life in a dark corner of your home. These sandals have served you well for years and that shouldn’t stop now. I have three suggestions for you: Reuse, Recycle, Reincarnate! Reinvent these inspiring sandals and reconsider their function. Surround yourself with them and incorporate them into your daily rituals. Inspiration will surely abound.

Do you have a Beloved Specimen?
Please email a few photos with a brief story about the specimen to The only criteria: 1) it is smaller than a breadbox, and 2) it is beloved. I'll draw it and also give it an upgrade


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