Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Headset Phone System

The Story
This phone was given to me as a gift in 2000. It’s a RadioShack unit with nearly perfect design and function: small footprint, solid construction, simple features and easy-to-punch numbers. After about six years the TALK/HANGUP button started to fail. It got so bad that I had to pound on the button 4-5 times to get the phone to answer or hang up. I bought three replacement phones but ended up returning all of them because they were just awful to use. Out of desperation I tore the phone apart and found two wires that, when touched simultaneously, answered and hung up without fail. I used it this way for over a year but finally went to an electrician who I begged to fix the phone "at any cost". After a few carefully placed drops of solvent and a blast of compressed air around the button, the unit was fixed.

The Upgrade
You've just put your finger, literally, on the astounding world of Biotronics. Every square inch of tissue in your body is cram-packed with highly conductive neuronic, capillary and meridian paths, much like a circuit board. When an electrical impulse is applied, these pathways are transformed into networks of biocircuitry. In your simple phone experiment the function of the phone was bypassed and essentially processed in the biocircuitry of your finger tip. Recent studies have shown that when tissue is supra-electromagnetized the biocircuitry becomes highly organized and stable, allowing for exponentially more complex functions than your finger circuit experiment. And now that the housing of this unit is all but obsolete, the 4 x 5 inch footprint of your phone can be put to better use.

Do you have a Beloved Specimen?
Please email a few photos with a brief story about the specimen to beloved@tomgiesler.com. The only criteria: 1) it is smaller than a breadbox, and 2) it is beloved. I'll draw it and also give it an upgrade


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