Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Lion

The Story
I purchased Baby Lion for my son Owen on his second birthday. He immediately fell in love with the stuffed animal, which made bedtime and nighttime go more smoothly. There was panic in the house any time Baby Lion couldn’t be found and everything would be turned upside-down in the search. We got so worried about Baby Lion going missing for good or coming apart at the seams that we bought an identical replacement. Same brand and size. We even ran it through the wash to give it a worn look. We needed to use the doppelganger on one occasion to keep Owen from flipping out. It was the same night his new baby brother came home from the hospital. Owen reluctantly accepted the tidy looking imposter but his eyes just didn’t light up. They never do without the original Baby Lion on his pillow at bedtime.

The Upgrade
Short of cloning the little fella, the best way to keep this Lion from disappearing is to make him trackable. I suggest installing Redundant Anachronistic Detection And Recovery (R.A.D.A.R.) systems. The external hardware may not be ideal, but try to keep your priorities in perspective. What’s a good night sleep really worth?

Do you have a Beloved Specimen?
Please email a few photos with a brief story about the specimen to The only criteria: 1) it is smaller than a breadbox, and 2) it is beloved. I'll draw it and also give it an upgrade


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